Position:  Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer

Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programmers are in charge of programming scripts, which are applications that control the measures of coordinate machines. These individuals are responsible for programming a variety of code lines that deal with making sure that coordinate measuring machines work as intended and follow specific parameters designed for the project at hand. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programmers know how to read blueprints and are able to specify measures before committing to final changes. They follow different layouts to preview the machine work. Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programmers take part in the improvement process effort by suggesting ideas to change the calibration and programming tasks in order to use fewer company resources. These individuals also record measurements to compare the final product with project needs. They know how to operate said machine, troubleshoot functions, and program different features as required. They use their excellent multitasking abilities to use different machines at the same time, as well as checking the fixtures and utilizing the gauge certification. They work in a production environment and follow safety protocols to prevent accidents. A bachelor’s degree in computer science, software programming, or a related field is preferred for this position. In addition, years of previous work experience as a programmer in a coordinate measuring machine capacity can be helpful. Programming certifications are a plus.

Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer Tasks

  • Determine program requirements based on design and engineering requirements.
  • Ensure that precision machinery is in working condition and properly calibrated.
  • Provide direction to machine operators.
  • Write or edit programs for precision machinery.


Compensation and Benefits

CMM programmer position is an hourly position with compensation commensurate with education and experience.  Raycon Industries offers employee medical benefits, life insurance, holiday and vacation pay, and 401K plan.