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PRA122 Single Point Refueling Adapters with New Dust Caps or Pressure Caps

Raycon Industries is now shipping our Single Point Adapters with optional Dust Caps or Pressure Caps.  The adapters are manufactured with wrought aluminum and heat treated stainless steel.  The pressure caps are also machined from wrought aluminum alloy, anodized a beautiful red.  The Raycon Dust Caps are a great alternative to other costly solutions.  Molded […]


Raycon Industries Single Point Refueling Adapter Dust Caps

Rayon Industries is excited to introduce our new Single Point Refueling Adapter Dust Caps.  Available with our Bottom Loading Valves or purchased separately.  Injection molded, flexible, weather and fuel resistant poly urethane material makes our caps the toughest and most cost effective cap in the market.  Cap assemblies include Mil-Spec cable and MS style clip […]


Raycon Industries Does Potable Water

Potable water service nipples and caps are now available from Raycon Industries. Service panel mounted or hose end styles available. 303 or 316 stainless steel or aluminum versions available. For more information please inquire to info@rayconindustries.com

Raycon Industries Expands Into New Space

Raycon Industries has expanded their footprint by adding a new building to existing operations. Expansion includes the addition of 8000 square feet of additional shop area. Additional machining capacity as well with the addition of 9 Wasino Lathes to add to our full compliment of CNC equipment. 3D printing and manufacturing will also be housed […]

CMM Programmer / Operator

Position:  Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Programmer Coordinate measuring machine (CMM) programmers are in charge of programming scripts, which are applications that control the measures of coordinate machines. These individuals are responsible for programming a variety of code lines that deal with making sure that coordinate measuring machines work as intended and follow specific parameters designed […]


Raycon Industries Adds New Operator

Doubling down on automation.  Raycon Industries is installing their second UR10 collaborative robot to perform machine tending.  Operators are spared repetitive operations and are now available for more value added and rewarding functions while the robot increases throughput.  Raycon Industries continues to add value, improve quality and improve deliveries.